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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can we make our sleep more Productive?

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How Summer and Tee-PJ Mens Nightshirts quality made in the USA have enabled people to sleep better now for 60 years!

When Americans are getting less and less sleep, how can we make what time they do have more productive and comfortable?  Could there be some methods to accomplish a better night’s sleep?
Here are a few that seem to help some people, over time, from many common sources and sleep experts:
1.  Comfortable, loose, 100% cotton sleepwear will allow the person to relax, not restrict motion, absorb moisture, and provide a comfortable layer against the elements whether it be an open window or air conditioning.
2.  Cool room would help to make breathing easier and make night sweats less of a problem.
3.  Not eating close to bedtime would allow the body time to process and be ready for comfort.  Sometimes certain foods make it harder to get to sleep, but it is all individual as to how much it effects sleep.  Here is just a list of the common ones: coffee, chocolate, alcohol, some teas, sodas and for some tomato sauces.   Foods that might help would be dairy, certain fruits, nuts, eggs, and some seeds that contain tryptophan, but in very small quantities.
4.  Getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise daily for even a short time can refresh and inspire. 
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5.  Using a sound that is repetitive like a fan to provide background noise so that if there were a sound from the street, one may not be awoken to every little noise.
6.  Trying to make a schedule for sleep like routine so the body can get into a productive rhythm.  Sometimes doing some relaxation like Yoga, making the room quiet and dark without any electrical products, and dark shades for morning light.

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