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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Favorite Funny Women's Nightshirts

Light 100% Cotton
At-home lounge wear rarely gets its due. This seems logical at the outset, as lounge wear is adamantly unfashionable. However, since nearly every woman defaults to wearing pajama-adjacent clothing in her off time, there's no reason not to offer fun options. Given the pop culture emphasis on staying home to marathon a whole television series in one weekend, it actually feels like clothing companies are lapsing by not investing more in this category of clothing. Loungewear will never win awards or be worn on the red carpet, but there is definitely a market for comfortable at-home garments that look good and are somewhat flattering.

Light 100% Cotton

Fortunately, this collection of funny women's nightshirts fills that void. These shirts feature clever puns that refer to popular characters, movies, shows and slogans in women's media. The shirts are over-sized, about as long as a mini-dress. They wear like nightgowns without imparting any stuffy grandma vibes. They look and feel just like over-long t-shirts. One of the best parts of wearing a nightshirt is that pants are rendered unnecessary. When a woman opts for a quirky nightshirt, she doesn't have to bother with yoga or lounge pants.
Light 100% Cotton
Many of the shirts feature colorful graphics of cute animals. There is a magenta shirt with a horse on it. The caption underneath reads, "50 Shades of Hay." The blue "Text Appeal" shirt is covered in animals who are sending risque text messages to each other. An owl shirt is emblazoned with, "Hoo's Sleepy?" and a black t-shirt has a large treble clef and the phrase, "Here comes treble," on it.

Light 100% Cotton

These shirts make great gifts. Not only are discounts available on bulk orders, but every woman is sure to enjoy receiving a garment like this. It will certainly get more wear than her fanciest, most expensive clothing. This is the rare novelty gift that is actually useful and best of all, comes with a matching sleeve with the same funny saying. Sorority members or bridesmaids could each be given a different design as a gag group gift, or the shirts could be distributed among family members on Christmas. A departing college student could be sent to her new dorm with a handful of new nightshirts. No matter the occasion, a funny nightshirt is a surefire hit.

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