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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sun Protective Hats aren’t just for cowboys anymore!

Aussie Breezer Hat

There are many styles of mens hats that provided styles for almost any mood.  Want to play golf and look more like Greg Norman?  We have the Aussie Breezer Hat with the ventilated mess on the sides and sizes up to XXX-Large.  This very popular Aussie Breezer hat is still made with quality workmanship here in the USA. 

Aussie Breezer Hat ready to go into a suitcase
Feel like it’s a good time to try your hand at fishing and need a hat that has the
Solarweave Hat
green underside that helps to prevent glare from the water?  Then our best recommendation would be the Sun Blocker Hat with 50+ UPF, Solarweave Cotton Twill Hat, Sun Boonie Hat with back flap or any of our darker color hats.  There may be the need for protection from the wind, and then you might consider one of our hats with the chin strap.  Most of our hats are in sizes, so please check the tab for Size Chart once you find the hat you would like to purchase for the best fit, the very first time.  Some of our hats have a secret compartment that would be fun for keeping keys or a few dollars for lunch.  

Indiana Jones Weathered Fedora
For going out on the town, you might want to jazz it up with an Indiana Jones Weathered Cotton Fedora.  This stylish hat has all the flare of the wool fedora, but in a lighter, more comfortable cotton twill.  It has a 2 inch brim and a tough Harrison Ford look that will stand out in any crowd.  The darker color will provide worry-free, easy care.  So next time you are out and about or on a swashbuckling adventure, you might want to think of “what would Indie do?” and get our Indiana Jones Weathered Cotton Fedora!  

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