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Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Reasons To Buy Sun Protective Hats

People invest in a lot of different types of products to protect against the rays of the sun. Sunscreen helps to prevent sunburn while moisturizer prevents the skin from becoming dry and scaly. Sun-protective hats offer an extra layer of protection that anyone can appreciate, but blocking the rays of the sun is not the only reason for investing in a good sun hat.

Classic Indie Fedora but in lighter all cotton
Indiana Jones Weathered Cotton Fedora is made with the classic 2 inch brim. Sun protective hats are stylish and they can even be worn after the sun goes down. Sun hats offer a range of fashion versatility that can make them a recognized part of anyone's wardrobe.

Keep Cool

Sun Hat features side vents for cooling!
The Aussie breezer hats are offered in sizes from sizes Small to XXX-Large. These Aussie Hats are showing up on television wildlife shows on a regular basis. The wide brim and absorbent headband material used in sun hats can keep the direct rays of the sun off of a person's face, and perpetually eliminate perspiration to help maintain a cool feeling. The moment someone puts on one of these hats in the blistering sun, the cooling effects can immediately be felt and the hat will continue to sustain that cool feeling all day long.  The adjustable chin strap is perfect for those windy days out in the boat or on the golf course!

Protect The Face From Sunburn
Green under brim to prevent glare

The Solarweave Cotton Twill Hat has the adjustable chin strap to keep on in the wind and the green underside to help prevent glare.  Sunscreen is great for defending the skin from the sun, but it can be extremely uncomfortable if it is applied directly to the face. A wide-brimmed sun hat can prevent sunburn on the face without the need for uncomfortable sunscreen. The brim on these hats also offers protection for the neck, which can be very convenient for people who do not have the long hair necessary to keep the sun off the backs of their necks.

When it comes to protection from the rays of the sun, sunscreen is not always the very best solution. A good sun hat can do a much better job of preventing the head and neck from getting burned, and a good hat can also help a person keep cool as the sun's rays beat down.

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Yes, protective hats are really important nowadays.

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