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Monday, June 29, 2015

What To Look For In Kids Cotton Bath Robes

100% Velour Cotton Terrycloth
Durable Soft Fabric

Parents seeking kids' cotton bathrobes want to find styles that are absorbent and soft. Children often do not want to wear clothing that feels abrasive on their skin but do enjoy wearing 100 percent cotton garments. A quality bathrobe is suitable for use at home or on vacation after a child has a bath or shower, but the item is also fantastic for wearing at the local swimming pool or beach. It is difficult for a child to wrap a bath or beach towel around their body, but they have no problem putting on a bathrobe themselves. A basic, white cotton terry cloth bathrobe never goes out of style and matches everything perfectly.

Easy to Launder

Hotels and spas with swimming pools designed for children can make it easier for children to stay warm and comfortable by offering heavy-duty bathrobes as an amenity. Many families traveling on vacation must pack a limited number of garments in their suitcases and will appreciate the convenience of a dry bathrobe for their child either in their guest accommodations or on the beach. Each robe is made with two deep pockets on the front to hold items such as sunglasses or goggles needed for the beach or swimming. Because these bathrobes are made of durable cotton, it is easy for a spa or hotel to launder these garments after each use.

Choose Versatile Garments

Most parents try to find clothing that has multiple functions and kids' cotton bathrobes are versatile. Designed for use over swimsuits or pajamas, these bathrobes are warm with long sleeves and hoods. To maintain warmth, an easy to tie belt is included with every purchase. With sizes of medium or large, a child is able to wear one of these bathrobes for several years before passing it down to a sibling or cousin. Having a long-lasting bathrobe is important when a child is going away to summer camp, visiting relatives or participating in a swim team. Invest in a bathrobe for a child that will last for many years instead of one that will shrink or fray.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How do I order a robe to fit?

Our bathrobe sizing guide from Wittmann Textiles Company will help you get the right size, the very first time.

Premium Robe in 5 sizes for a perfect fit
Premium Cotton Terry Velour Hooded Bathrobe
How to buy a luxurious and premium bathrobe, have it fit, and maintain the soft and cozy feel of the fabric? You are at the right place!  Wittmann Textiles Company offers quality premium cotton terry cloth bathrobes or cotton waffle weave bathrobes from sizes Small to XX-Large. There are sizing charts on each of our luxurious bathrobes, so that you can choose the right size and style from the start. When you get the robe, try it on for sizing before washing. Sit down in your new robe and be sure it has enough wrap around to fit comfortably.  The heavier, premium fabric does not shrink; so let us know if it is not enough wrap, and we’ll exchange it right away.  

For best care of your new robe, machine wash with like colors in cold or warm water and use fabric softener to keep it perfectly soft, wash after wash.  The terry cloth or waffle fabric is very durable and will last many years.

100% cotton waffle weave spa robes
Cotton Waffle Kimono Robe
Ordering terry cloth or waffle bathrobes as a gift can take a little more effort but will be a thoughtful gift that will bring a sense of comfort and warmth for many years.  Check their current favorite robe for size.  Some people that are smaller love the generous fit and may like a larger size than would be expected from a size chart.  Your loved one will be so surprised that you took the time to make them so very comfortable.  Also, if you have the height, weight, whether they have a big chest, larger stomach, or bust size and then what material you would like; then we could help you with the rest of the process.  When shopping on our website, under each style we provide many measurements on size chart tabs so that you can size your bathrobe in the comfort of your home.

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