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Monday, December 17, 2018

7 Ideas to Keep Cotton Clothing Looking Great and Shrinking Less

How do you clean 100% cotton clothes? Here are 7 ideas to keep cotton clothing looking great and shrinking less!

Cotton is an amazingly comfortable natural fabric, and like many other natural fabrics, some care strategies work better for it than others. Surprisingly, what’s easiest for you is probably best for the cotton! For example, our cotton products keep best when machine washed and dried in cold water. Here are some very useful ideas we’ve received from our cotton loving family and customers that may help your favorite, comfortable 100% cotton clothing last longer and keep your whites whiter and colors brighter.

·        Cold Water Detergent
o   We like washing our 100% cotton clothing in cold water to help prevent shrinkage. There is cold water formulated laundry detergent, such as Tide, that keeps cotton clothing clean and good smelling without having to use heat. Excess heat will cause excess shrinkage. We trust cold water detergents for our cotton loving family of five.
·        Oxygen Cleaner
o   For stain removal, a good alternative to traditional bleach is an oxygen cleaner, such as OxiClean™. The best thing about oxygen cleaners is not only do they lighten whites, most also brighten colors! Check the label on your oxygen cleaner to ensure it is safe to use on bright colors before using it on your colorful cotton.
·        White Vinegar
o   Some customers say that adding a dash of white vinegar to the wash cycle while washing whites helps to whiten fabric, kill germs, and take out perspiration stains.
·        Dish Soap
o   A handy thing we learned from the boaters in our family is the use of dish soap to get out oil stains. Just rub the dish soap into the stain and put it through a cold wash. Usually, this will take the stain right out, but check right after washing in case you want to try just one more wash cycle before the dryer. The dryer may set oil stains.
·        Toothpaste Bleaches Cotton
o   One of our customers found small bleached out spots on the front of their nightshirt. After some investigation, the culprit was discovered, toothpaste! The bleaching occurred when small drops of toothpaste or mouthwash fell onto the cotton fabric and caused tiny white marks.  
·        Gentle Wash Cycle
o   For laundry loads with light dirt, using the gentle cycle on your washing machine instead of a heavy/super wash cycle will help the cotton last longer.
·        Less Drying Time
o   Less is more when it comes to time in the dryer – less time in the dryer will likely make your clothing last longer.

Do you have some ideas to share with other cotton lovers out there to prolong the life and value of their cotton clothing? If so, please share your ideas with the rest of us in the comments section below!

If you loved these ideas and want to read more about getting the most use out of your cherished cotton items, Cotton Incorporated has lots of great care tips

Cotton is an amazing fabric! Whether you’re caring for your favorite Wittmann Textiles 100% cotton nightshirts, socksterry beachwear, or Munsingwear Underwear for men, we wish you many years of comfort by using this type of care!

Warmest wishes,
Kathy Wittmann

Wittmann Textiles Company is an industry leader with over 60 years of experience in bringing comfortable cotton sleepwear directly to the consumer at the best possible price. Wittmann Textiles Company offers the highest quality sleepwear and advertises in Smithsonian, Elks, Sierra, National Review, and others. Wittmann Textiles Company offers great personal customer service and all products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information, please visit

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